Alter Equals IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES : VR / AR / web / mobile

Hotel visit

Services immersion as an engaging tool

Alter Equals Ltd focuses on creating photorealistic objects and buildings (interiors or exteriors) in order to enable its clients to showcase their assets on any digital platform.

The team can either create complete interactive experiences (mobile app, 3D web experience, VR app, ...) or deal with the photorealistic asset creation in case of subcontracting (to VFX studios or VR studios for instance).

3D for many businesses


  • Hotel
  • Venue
  • Restaurant


  • Museum
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Monument


  • Product launch
  • Showroom
  • Store


  • VFX
  • Sport
  • Event

3D on many platforms


  • Mobile
  • Computer


  • Mobile
  • Computer


  • Oculus (with computer)
  • Google cardboard (mobile)
  • Gear VR (mobile)
  • HTC Vive (with computer)


  • Mobile
  • Computer
  • TV

Technology Enwaii + Photorealtime + VRsatile : state of the art photorealistic immersive experience

Photogrammetry and Interaction technologies

Alter Equals Ltd is a spin off company of Banzai Pipeline Ltd.

Alter Equals Ltd has full access to all technologies and tools developed by Banzai Pipeline Ltd, including its photogrammetry solution ENWAII.

Alter Equals Ltd has also been developing two inhouse technologies :

  • - PHOTOREALTIME to enable the use of VFX quality assets created by ENWAII for realtime interaction on all platforms (mobile, web, VR, ...)
  • - VRsatile to enhance interaction capabilities of systems including VR heasets, touchscreens, gesture recognition engines and any combinations of these systems (to improve installations requiring asymetrical gameplay, immersion via holodeck approach, ...)

Enwaii showreel

Projects involving Enwaii technology

Projects involving Photorealtime and VRsatile technologies

To be released soon

Work Selected projects

Hold The World

VR experience

Les Temoins : VR prequel

VR/IRL escape game

Les Temoins : Gaite Lyrique

VR experience on HTC Vive


3D flying hotel

Cinecitta World

3D buildings

Johnnie Walker

HDR photography, photogrammetry consulting

About 17 years experience in high end computer images

Founders experience

The founders of Alter Equals Ltd and Banzai Pipeline Ltd are experienced R&D developers in the VFX industry. Before founding both companies, they developed in house software for internationaly famous VFX studios. The technologies they created or improved were successfully used to create visual effects for many commercials, TV series and movies like :

  • Fight Club
  • Panic Room
  • Matrix Reloaded
  • Matrix Revolutions
  • Harry Potter 4
  • Harry Potter 5
  • Narnia 2
  • Narnia 3
  • Alexander
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Batman Begins
  • 10000 BC
  • The Prestige
  • Dr Who
  • Torchwood
  • ...

Main previous software developed

Buf Compagnie

Photogrammetry and compositing



The Mill

Cross software 3D cache technology

Main previous movie and TV projects

Jobs We are hiring

Maya Modeler Artist

Modeling environments and props using Maya and Enwaii

  • Modeling in Maya
  • UV creation in Maya
  • Photogrammetry techniques
  • Hard edge modeling
  • Low poly modeling
Texture Artist

Texturing photoreal environments and props using Mari and Photoshop

  • Mari
  • Photoshop
  • Camera projection techniques
  • Compositing
  • Photography

New employees will be provided with Enwaii training.

For any application, please email only to:

Contact London / Paris

Alter Equals Ltd

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London SW11 5QL
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)7772 870 888


Regular meetings with clients in Paris enable us to easily book meetings with new clients in this city or around.